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5 Forms Of PDA That Won't Piss Anyone Off

Written By Soo L.
Image By mrpattersonsir
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Every person has a different level of tolerance when it comes to PDA (for those of you who are wondering, PDA is short for Public Displays of Affection). If you're with your girlfriend in public and feeling horny, you may feel the urge to examine the inside of her mouth with your tongue. Unfortunately for you, extended make out sessions in public places are usually frowned upon. If you want to share intimate moments with your girlfriend, it's best to do so in the privacy of your own living space. Although most people do not take kindly to most forms of PDA, there are still other more innocent and acceptable ways you can share your affections with your favorite gal. If you're looking to get away with a little PDA, limit it to these five forms and you won't have anyone telling you and your misses to get a room.

1. Holding Hands
If you're with your girlfriend in public, holding hands is a perfectly acceptable way to show that you and your girlfriend are a couple. Holding hands not only helps make this distinction, it also helps keep you and your girlfriend physically close to each other. If you two are in a crowded event or party, it can be especially helpful to hold hands with each other to avoid being separated.

2. Arm Around The Shoulder, Around Waist
This is another great way to show your affections to your girlfriend without upsetting anyone around you. When you have your arm over her shoulder or around her waist, make sure you and your girlfriend are able to walk without too much trouble. If there is a significant height difference between you and your lady friend, it might be best to stick to hand holding. Although this is a perfectly acceptable form of PDA, a significant height difference can make you and your girlfriend look awkward when your arm is slung around her much lower shoulders.

3. A Peck On The Cheek
A peck on the cheek is a simple way to boost the hellos and good byes you share with your significant other without getting any nasty looks from those around you. When you do peck her on the cheek, limit it to just one and make sure your peck is appreciated by her. If she's closing her eyes and wincing every time you try to kiss her in public, take it as the hint that she doesn't want to be kissed while others are present. Trying too hard to show your affections toward her can make you look cheesy.

4. Hugs
If your girlfriend doesn't approve of giving or receiving even little kisses in public, hugging is your next best option. Hugging is something that is innocent enough for anyone to do in public without attracting any negative attention.

5. The Occasional Butt Squeeze
Don't worry now, you can still get away with some more interesting forms of PDA if you're discreet about it. When you squeeze your partner's butt, make sure you avoid doing it in the view of too many people. If you're up against a wall or in a dense crowd of people, squeeze away. An important tip when it comes to butt squeezing is to make sure your girlfriend enjoys this type of PDA. If she doesn't, you might get publicly admonished for your behavior. If she is into it (and chances are she will be) encourage her to return the favor and give your tush a good squeeze every now and then.

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