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Are You A Bad First Dater?

Written By Matt S.
Image By medialoog
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Let's face it. Not all guys are good first daters, but some aren't even aware that they aren't. The good news is that anyone can learn how to become a better first dater. And being a good first dater comes with its benefits. If you're comfortable in a first date setting, you'll have more confidence and feel more attractive. If you are unsure whether or not you are a bad first dater, continue reading this article and find out.

How Interesting Is Your Conversation
Conversation on a date is one of the most important and most challenging parts of a first date. First dates typically are awkward and involve a lot of fumbling around so it can be hard to start a good conversation that you both can enjoy. Make sure that you have her talk about herself enough to show you are interested. It can sometimes be easier to just ask questions and have her open up than it is to talk about yourself. Make sure you strike a good balance between speaking and listening and you'll have the conversation aspect down.

Are You Flirty Enough
It is very important to be flirty on your first date. Be playful and humorous when you talk to her, and touch her. But make sure it is natural and not forced. If you feel like everything is forced, try to identify the root of the problem. Does it feel forced because you are nervous? Does it feel forced because she is nervous? Does it feel forced because there just isn't any chemistry? Figure it out and decide where to go from there. If your flirting is forced, it won't work.

Do You Make Her Feel Comfortable
Make sure you don't say or do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. Watch her body language to gauge how comfortable she is. If she seems uncomfortable, think about how comfortable you are during the date. If you are nervous and feel awkward, it is likely she will too.

Are You Having Fun
Do your first dates usually drag along, or are they fun and enjoyable? If you feel like your dates are a bit bland, this can be a definite area you should work on. Even if you are lacking in other areas, if you show a girl a good time, she'll be far more attracted to you. Make sure the activity you do is fun for both of you.

Are You Dressed Well Enough
Make sure you're dressed appropriately for your date. Wear clothes that are flattering to your body and make sure it's all clean and free of wrinkles. No girl wants to date a slob. Give yourself a good shave, and shower thoroughly. Try not to chew gum during the date as it can be a distraction. Instead, make sure to brush your teeth well and avoid eating food that will make your breath smell.

Can You Close The Deal
At the end of the date, there are several things you should be able to do to end the night. A hug and kiss is a pretty standard way to end the night, but do some follow up work too. If things went well, make sure you arrange something else, or at least indicate an interest to do something later on. When you can end a first date well, it opens the door for future dates with girls you are interested in. So make sure you're able to do this well to keep your future dates more successful.

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