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How To Flirt Using Text Messages

Written By Matt S.
Image By Nesster
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Every person uses text messages to quickly and casually communicate with other people and sometimes to flirt. But it can be difficult for some people to flirt effectively using text messages. If you're interested in learning how to flirt using text messages, read this article and learn some helpful tips.

Don't Be Overly Sexual (Initially)
It is usually the man's responsibility to make moves sexually and physically, but using text messages to do so can definitely come off as creepy, especially early on. If she gets an overly sexual text from you completely out of the blue, she might be weirded out by it. Or imagine if she just got harassed by some overbearing guy, and afterwards get an overly sexual text message from you. She might be totally turned off and less attracted to you as a result. It's always a better idea to move things forward sexually when you are with her in person. Doing so allows you to gauge her response and make better choices.

Keep It Short
When sending her a flirty text message, make sure you keep it short. Many cell phones cap text messages off at 160 characters anyway, so you might be forced to keep it short. One or two sentences is more than enough. If it's too long, you run the risk of boring her by being too long winded, so try to keep it short.

Be Playful And Make Her Laugh
It's very important to be playful when sending her a flirty text message. Being playful and making her laugh is important no matter what medium you use to flirt with her. Tell her something funny you saw during the day, or playfully tease her. Make sure you don't actually come off as a jerk if you tease her, and allow her to tease you back. If she does tease you back, you can go back and forth and have a good time even when you’re not together.

Don't Flirt Only Through Texts
You should use flirty text messages only as a supplement to real life, face-to-face flirting. Don't let texting replace real life flirting. If you only flirt with her using text messages, she might think you're weak or intimidated by her, which she won't find attractive. Plus if you can only show your flirty side through text messages, she might feel confused and give up on you. Another reason why you should flirt with her more in real life is because it's a lot more fun and effective.

Make Sure Your Humor Is Appropriate
Your humor can easily by misconstrued in a text message. This obviously is because text messages consist only of text. To avoid offending or hurting her, make sure your humor is clear and unambiguous. A good way to make your humor come through clearly is to remind her of an inside joke. This will make her laugh for sure and has a much lower chance of being taken the wrong way.

Don't Send Her Too Many Texts
If you call a girl and she doesn't respond, you probably shouldn't call her again. This is true for text messaging too. If you send her a flirty text and she just isn't feeling it, and doesn't respond, don't send any more, or wait for a few days before you send another one. If you send her too many and she doesn't even respond, you might come off as needy, creepy, or just plain annoying. So limit the number of texts you send, especially if she isn't very responsive.

Time It Right
If she works or goes to school, try to find out more about her job and/or classes. When finding more about her job and/or classes, don't ask for too much detail initially, or you might come off as a stalker. If she tells you how boring her job and/or classes are, there's a big opportunity for you. The next time you send her a flirty text message, do it when she's at her boring job, or her boring class. She'll be more delighted by your text and more willing to respond positively. Another tip about timing is that you should avoid sending her a flirty text when she's out with her friends. She might be too busy or distracted to give you a decent response.

Don't Confuse Her With Too Many Abbreviations
Because text messages are meant to be short, it can be easy to fall into the trap of using too many confusing abbreviations. Most girls will know what you're talking about, but if you use too many abbreviations, there will be a few girls who will not understand what you're trying to say. To avoid confusing her, try to use only the most common abbreviations ( lol, omg, 2day, 2nite, u, ur, ppl, jk ) and use them sparingly.

Flirt With Intention
Flirting using text messages can be fun, but you shouldn't flirt just to have fun, you should flirt with intention. Plan ahead and be prepared to set up a date with her eventually. If you're flirting with her, you probably want more than just witty conversation, so step it up and plan to make a move. If you follow these tips when flirting with her, setting up a date will be so natural and not awkward that she'll probably go out with you.

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