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How To Tell If She's Interested In You

Written By Matt S.
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Girls don't always send clear signals when it comes to showing their interest in a guy. This makes it tough for guys and can lead to lost opportunities and embarrassing misunderstandings. It is important to tell when a girl is interested you, so you can take the next step to move things along. Here are several ways to tell if she's interested in you or not.

Playful Hitting
This is a classic flirting technique women use to show interest in a guy. If you tease a girl and she playfully hits your arm or shoulder, you know you've done your job right. Now it's a lot different if you tell a girl she's fat, and she punches you, and walks away. You have to make sure you're playful with her, she's playful with you, and that you both are having fun. So if she ever gives you a playful punch, take it as a good sign. It means she enjoys your company and is comfortable enough to touch you in a playful way.

Let's You Know She's Single
If you meet a girl and she lets you know she's single without asking her, it could be a sign that she's interested in you. It's even better if she forces it into a conversation. When a girl tells you she's single in this way, she's letting you know that she's available. Remember, it's important to consider the context of the situation. If a conversation naturally flows to her being single, she's not giving you a hint by telling you she's single. Another way she can show her interest is if she is insistent on finding out if you are single or not yourself.

Special Clothing, Makeup, And Hair
If a girl tries to make herself look better whenever she's around you, she might be interested. Some ways she might do this is to wear more makeup, do her hair, or wear more revealing clothing. She might also put on a bit of perfume or body spray to make herself smell nice. Mostly, it's easy to tell when she's making an extra effort, but it can be difficult to tell if that extra effort is made for you. So make sure you see other signs of her interest before making a move.

Hanging Onto Your Words
If a girl seems more wide eyed and attentive to the things you say, it can be a sign that she's interested in you. Some things to look out for are if her body is facing you, if her legs are crossed towards you, and if she's leaning towards you. These are all things she will to show her interest. Just look for how she's positioning her body and responding to what you say. If she seems completely enthralled by what you say, and can't wait for you to tell her more, there's a good chance she's interested in you.

Lingering Eye Contact
Lingering eye contact is a way both girls and guys express interest in each other. If she makes eye contact with you and holds it, it's a good sign. If she gives you a smile too, it's an even better sign. If this ever happens to you, it's an invitation to make a move. Smile back and go talk to her. You can't expect her to do all of the work.

Tells You When She's Free
If you meet a girl you get along with, and she tells you when she's free, it means she wants to spend more time with you. She might not make it clear whether she wants a new friend or a romantic partner, but she still finds you interesting enough to want to spend time with you. Take this as a good sign, especially if she's a girl you could see yourself dating. If you start off as casual friends, you can transition more gracefully into a relationship without going on any awkward dates. Remember to be flirty with her and show you are an interesting and fun person so you don't become just another one of her friends.

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