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What She Really Means When She Says ...

Written By Sarah Y.
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Women have a lot to say, but are often not as clear or blunt as men would like them to be. Attempting to decode the actual intentions behind their confusing statements can leave many men lost, frustrated, and in trouble. The reason why women are not always as direct in conversation as men is because they often do not want to come across as being too assertive or rude. Conveying their thoughts in a subtle and roundabout manner is safer and less confrontational. Here are some common things women say and what they really mean.

"Do Your Parents Even Like Me At All?"
If your girlfriend asks about how your parents feel about her, she wants to know if they consider her worthy of their precious son. If your parents are not ones to outwardly express their interest in someone, the girl you bring home might not be able to read them. She will wonder how you speak of her to your parents, or if you tell them anything at all. This is especially true if your girlfriend has only met your parents once or twice. Your parents will most likely not make too strong of assessments on her based off of just these first impressions. Your girlfriend knows this, and by asking you what your parents think of her, she really wants to know what you think of her. She will believe that if you really are crazy about her and consider yourself lucky to be with her, you would express these feelings to your parents. Therefore, she might be measuring her value to you by how much you express this to your parents.

"It's Fine. Go Ahead."
This not-so-excited response might be a signal that everything is not fine. For example, after explaining your intentions for partaking in a night out to a strip club or a party, your girlfriend might blow it off and act like it doesn't bother her, when it actually does. She might not appreciate the fact that you want to see other women strutting around without their clothes on or that you want to get wasted with your buddies. And even though she is probably not interested in the event, she might be hurt by not being included in your plans.

Although you may hurt or anger her, she does not want to be controlling or nagging by telling you what to do. She wants to be the "cool girlfriend" who lets her man just be a man when he wants to be, even if that means surrendering her own feelings. Your girlfriend may also be trying to convince herself that it is not a big deal by telling you that everything is fine and that she is okay with your decision.

"Your Ex-Girlfriend Sounds Like A Nice Person. Why Did You Break Up Again?"
It should be a big red flag if your current girl asks about your ex. In all reality, she probably doesn't care about how nice your ex was, she just wants to see how you talk about your ex. If you start talking about all these good things about your ex, your current girlfriend might wonder if you are still hung up on her. On the other hand, if you go on and on about all the ridiculous things she did that drove you crazy, your girlfriend might think you are trying to cover up your actual feelings. So, either way, you're trapped. The best decision is to not bash your ex, and to also let your current girlfriend know how happy you are to be with her now. All she wants is the reassurance that she's the only girl you love.

"I've Just Got Too Much Going On In My Life Right Now To Get Into A Relationship."
When a woman you are "kind-of seeing" drops this line on you, there could be a few different things going on. First, she actually might have a lot of stress with her work or school life, and getting into a relationship would be too overwhelming for her. It is possible that she is content with a casual dating life at the moment, and not interested in anything long term.

Another possibility is that she may not be admitting that there is someone else in the picture. This type of situation is becoming more and more popular with women as they "sort-of" have something going on with a few guys at the same time. In this case, she will want to take her time seeing what will work out and whom she could see herself getting into a relationship with. Just be aware that you may be up against some competition that she's probably not going to let on about.

Another meaning to this phrase is that she just simply does not see herself in a serious relationship with you. She will blame it on her busy life just to spare your feelings. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should give up on her just yet. Take it slow and don't push a relationship. Chances are, in time, she may change her mind if she's really into you.

It is always important to remember that by nature, men and women have very different ways of communicating their thoughts and feelings. Being aware of these differences can help you better understand that women might say or ask things that have deeper meanings and consequences. The best way to determine a woman's true intentions is to consider the context of the situation and to ask yourself, "Does she really want to know about that, or is there something else going on here?" It also would be a good idea to outright ask her what she's getting at. You could save yourself from getting trapped or making a fool of yourself.

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