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How To Make Your Coworkers Love And Respect You

Written By Matt S.
Image By tiswango
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Have you ever wished you were more popular at work? Or that you were more respected? When your coworkers love and respect you, it is easier for you to advance your career and enjoy your everyday work life. This article will show you several specific ways to make your coworkers love and respect you.

Don't Be Annoying
Do you know someone in your office who does something in a certain way that drives everyone nuts? It's ok if it's someone else that does these things, but if it's you, put an end to it. Being perceived as an annoying person can alienate you from your coworkers and make it much more difficult to make them like you.

Have A Sense Of Humor
Everyone enjoys someone that has a sense of humor and is able to laugh at himself. Make sure you have a sense of humor and can enjoy jokes about other people and about yourself. Don't take things so seriously and try to lighten up a little. This will make you more approachable and more easy to work with.

Keep Your Door Open
If you have an office, keep your door open to welcome anyone who needs help, or wants someone to talk to. If you have a cubicle, your door is already open, so no worries there. Arrange your desk to make yourself more accessible to your office/cubicle entrance.

Don't Gossip
Don't waste your time gossiping about other coworkers in a negative way. You can and should talk about your coworkers positively, but never negatively. This can put a strain on relationships that is hard to reverse.

Bring In Food
Whether it's bagels, donuts, fruit, or sandwiches, food can give your coworkers a little moral boost and give you a chance to meet people you wouldn't normally encounter. Bring your food in the morning and send an email to your department inviting them to come and eat. Be friendly and say hi to everyone that stops by. Be outgoing and introduce yourself to new people.

Set A Good Example
Set a good example by being on time, working hard, and producing results. Your coworkers will recognize and respect the effort you put into your job. Setting a good example will not only help you earn the respect of your coworkers, but your boss too, which can only lead to more career advancements.

Be More Social Outside Of Work
Get involved in social gatherings outside of work. This can involve going out to eat lunch, going out for happy hour, or celebrating a special occasion with your coworkers. Spending time with your coworkers outside of the office environment will help build stronger bonds and friendships.

Don't Be Cliquey/Exclusive
There are probably people at work you like more than others, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to talking to these people. Although it is natural to only associate with people are more comfortable with, you don't want to give off the impression that you only hang out with certain people. Put yourself out there and talk to everyone you work. There is no need to limit yourself in this area.

Share Yourself And Your Life
Keep pictures of your loved ones, vacations, and pets around your work area. Make sure you are comfortable opening up and telling your coworkers about the important things in your life. Opening up to other people helps you connect with people on a deeper level.

Love And Respect Your Coworkers Too
The final and most important way to make your coworkers love and respect you, is to love and respect them too. The funny thing about love and respect is that they are things that are often times reciprocated by human beings. It's a natural behavior, so exploit it! Love and respect your coworkers and it will come back to you.

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